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I have always been interested in the inside workings of the precious metals markets, but never knew where to get information. This material is well organized and easy to understand. Ron's "How To" manual starts with the basic tools you will need and covers many subjects such as, where to find scrap gold, tests for the real thing, and how and where to buy and sell your gold and other precious metals. Consider this e-book your first tool in making some money in a new and exciting adventure.

Paul Baker
Fort Gratiot, MI

This is one of the most detailed references on a realistic business opportunity that I've ever seen! Just when you expect 'so-so' in quality, you order Profiting In Precious Metals and discover TRUE EXCELLENCE! Thank you!!

Jack Allen, MCSE
Network Administrator


I wanted to find a way to keep my regular job and make some decent cash on the side. Profiting In Precious Metals delivered that and then some! You have left nothing to chance. GREAT job! Keep up the good work!

Nickolas Pizzalato
Network Technician


I was somewhat overwhelmed at first with all the information that was gathered in this book. Then I realized, thanks to his simplistic approach at describing each step, how easy it would be to jump head on into this field... The author goes step by step informing you on how to get started in precious metals to collecting scrap metals to testing for various metals and the easiest methods to begin your own business in this field... He gives you time tested methods that he has developed and/or followed for each aspect of the precious metal collecting industry... His method is simple, to the point, and obviously accurate since he has made a very good living doing what he describes in his book... I gave this book 5 stars because of the in-depth information that this book has to share and the ease at which it can be understood... Great job Ron...

Michael T. Dyess


This book has everything you'd need to start a We Buy Gold business. Instructions, contacts, and especially bad things to watch out for. The instruction on testing are extremely valuable! I can't wait to get started!

M. Richmond


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