About Profiting In Precious Metals

Profiting In Precious Metals came about as the result of a close friend and co-worker, who also happened to own and run his own jewelry store, taking me "under his wings" and teaching me the finer points of this lucrative trade.

While he taught me the "nuts and bolts" of the business, I would eventually fine-tune the process over the course of time and in 1993, I set out own my own, buying and selling precious metals.

Eventually, as with most things one does repetitively, things became "automatic," meaning, I could contact, greet, meet and close the deal on several purchases a day. It became an almost perfect business.

Like any business one starts themselves, this one too, had it's ups and downs. However, most of the "downs" were realized in my early days, when I was still tweaking my new business. You, should you elect to buy my book, are reaping the benefits of those trials and errors.


Detailed list, with photos, of the tools you'll need to operate this business

Separate chapters on Gold, Silver and Platinum

Real-time up-to-the-hour market quotes on gold, silver and platinum

A comprehensive, easy-to-follow chapter dedicated on how to test for each of the 'Big 3' precious metals

Where and how to buy quality scrap (for best $$$ return)

Where to sell the scrap you purchase for a handsome profit

A glossary listing the most common terms in the buying and selling of precious metals

A detailed list of resources for locating needed tools and supplies, buyers of precious metals and the latest in market charts (also included: a 'remote' regularly updated list of important resources - page updates automatically in this e-book!)

A built-in Gold Price Conversion Calculator that will provide you with the price-per-gram and price-per-pennyweight

....and more!!!!

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