Profiting In Precious Metals

Congratulations! You have just discovered your golden egg! Regardless of where the economy stands, regardless of what the stock market is doing and regardless of what the current oil prices are; the experts all agree on one thing. If you own a tangible supply, collection, portfolio (whatever title you wish to put on it), of precious metals (gold, silver & platinum), then you are "ahead of the game," no matter if the market(s) tank tomorrow! Owning any or some of the BIG 3 in precious metals means you will have cash, when you need it, when others are fearing bankruptcy!

Every detail in how to purchase and sell scrap gold, silver and platinum is covered in this heavily illustrated book! The author takes you from why the business is so lucrative to what equipment and tools you'll need in order to reap the most profits. He further shows you where to obtain the scrap you want to buy as well as what to avoid. You will also learn how to test the scrap in order to make certain your're not buying junk. Scrap is just that unless you know what to do with it after you've bought it. That too is covered in detail. Where and how you can part with your scrap for a profit!


This business can be addicting! Once you have read this book and realize how much you can make with what truly is a little effort, you'll become hooked! Seriously folks, if you're interested in making a little extra side money or starting a full-time business, then you will want to consider this fantastic business! I've been told by a recent retiree that it is the absolute perfect business for someone who is or is retiring. I agree with that but I've got to tell you, it's lucrative for non-retirees as well!!

Read an Excerpt from Profiting In Precious Metals

Chapter 2


Gold is going to be one of your best money makers, and as such, you will note that this chapter is a little 'meatier' than those pertaining to silver and platinum.

How to determine what is real and what is not

We have all heard 10K, 14K, 24K, etc. gold before. And most of us know that the 'K' stands for 'KARAT' or the karat weight of gold. But what is karat? What does the word karat signify?

Karat is the term used to specify what portion of the alloy, that makes up a piece of jewelry, etc. is pure gold. Think about that for just a moment. If that's what karat denotes, then it would be accurate to say that the karat weight of pure gold is 24K. By the same token, something that is only part gold, and ten parts of another metal, would be 14K gold.

It's really pretty simple isn't it? And that simplicity is part of the beauty of this business. Once you get the hang of locating, testing, buying and selling, you'll really enjoy the freedom this business affords one.

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